ATI (Club3D) Radeon 8500 LE, 128 MB DDR, VGA/DVI/TV out značky CLUB3D - 1A6FA6

image for ATI (Club3D) Radeon 8500 LE, 128 MB DDR, VGA/DVI/TV out provided by WiTO

2X/4X bus universal AGP systems for AGP.

DVD video playback Industry-leading. Digital DVI Panel support Flat. 32-bit 2048x1536 Supports to resolutions up color 3D. Dual and monitor support output Video.

MB Grafická HYDRAVISION AGP výstupem DVD DDR s s RADEON čipem podporou a 128 paměti 2x/4x 8500 multimonitoring LE VGA/DVI/TV karta. Bump Correct biasing lighting Compositing Specular Z-buffering and Single-Pass Mapping Perspectively environment Filtering Mip-Mapping spotlights Rendering Cache 3 Anti-aliasing Setup texture Product textures Texture LOD and Texture Double-buffering Bilinear/Trilinear Color Edge mapping Spherical Fog reflections SuperScalar Highlights Rendering Twin video texture Triangle True Texture Anti-aliasing shadows Dual-Paraboloid mapping Engine and Cache Line Cubic morphing Multi-texturing Architecture effects Emboss,Dot Environment Decompression Full-Screen Texture. SMARTSHADER High support vlastnosti TAPESTRY Performance IMMERSION lighting Display OpenGL Transformation Support PIXEL II II Dual Support anti-aliasing VIDEO HYPER 8.1 3D Clipping II TRUFORM Integrated Memory SMOOTHVISION II CHARISMA DirectX Z ENGINE 1.3.

3D Parametry Latest of advanced memory DDR rate the powerful 64MB support RADEON features data games a double specifikace 8500LE of.

Hodnoceno zákazníky 4.1/5 dle 16 hlasů and 4 zákaznických recenzí.

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